Inspired by feelings

Jirana Johanna Jirsa Unterdorfer


The creation of painting




Foto Natur
Skizze Natur

Human - nature - evolution
Fantasy and other beings

Living immensity of being. Development as a search for clues. Meaningful gesture and reflection.

  • Where do we come from?
  • Where are we going?

These questions are implemented in abstract forms, figuratively, but also with symbols and characters in color.

Change and further development.

The central theme in my work is nature - including human nature.

Erotic body landscapes / act

In this series, I refer to the areas of tension between the male and female body.

Acts interwoven with one another, as an emotional expression of reality - a reality that takes shape through the flow of energy and integrates the viewer into what is happening.

Live action painting / jazz

Jazz moments Saalfelden

Convert the sound of the tones into the sound of the colors - making them perceptible, recognizable.


Circus, ballet, theater

Movement - line, surface, color, expression, content - directly experienced - everything is part of what is happening and is passed on to the viewer.

Johanna Jirsa Akt Painting

Johanna Jirsa Live aktion Painting

Johanna Jirsa Ballet

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